Scotia Grendel Skull Fountains


This is my first real miniature painting experience. I have painted a few miniatures before but without educating myself with the vast amounts of info available on the web. This is the first time I took the project seriously. Overall I am pleased with these models. They are cast in resin and, surprisingly, have some weight to them. I had to prepare them for priming with the basic run of the mill cutting off mold lines and washing in warm soaping water. I primed them black and dry brushed the skull parts of the model with increasing shades of brown (dark to light) decreasing the amount of paint on the brush each time I changed shades. The water is painted a sky blue with a smidgen of white dry brushed on the frothy part (in real life the blue is stronger than the photo shows).

These models were ordered here:

Next I will be painting the Tavern Kitchen from the same company.





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